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AmeraProducts, Inc.
Residential and Commercial Building Accessories

  Brochures and Catalogs:
  Activar - Air Louvers
   PAK-Submittal Sheet 
   Kerashield Submittal Sheet
   Kerashield Specifications
   Lite Pak Installation Instructions
   Cleaning Instructions
   Color Finishes
  WHI Listing
   UL Rating
  Alpine Industries
  Hazel Spec Sheet
  Installation Instructions Hazel
  American Dryer
   GX/GXT9/EXT7/DR/A Product Guide
   GXT/EXT Green Guide
  GXT/EXT Architectural Specs
   GXT/EXT Owner's Manual
  GXT/EXT Clean Guide
   GTX/EXT/GX eXtremeAir vs. F150
   GXT/EXT Sound Levels
   Made in the USA
   eXtremeAir-Spec Sheet
   GX-Series-Spec Sheet
   Recessed Kit
  American Specialties Incorporated
   ASI Roval Catalog
  Buy American Act
  Buy American Act Catalog
  Hand Dryer Brochure
  ASI Turbo Dry Sellsheet
  ASI Product Warranty
1001 Technical Data
  1002 Technical Data
  1003 Technical Data
  9013 Technical Data
  9013-9 Technical Data
  64696A Technical Data
  64696A-6 Technical Data
  64696A-9 Technical Data
  0378 Technical Data
  0375 Technical Data
  0353 Technical Data
   8523-AC-Technical Data
  TRI-umph Technical Data
   TRI-Umph Sales Sheet
  Better Living Products
   GRiiPA Brochure
   Shower Caddy Brochure
   Shower Mirror Brochure
   Classic Dispenser Brochure
   Curve Technical Data
  Spa Seat Technical Data


  Bradley Corporation
   Bradley Catalog
   832 Grab Bar Technical Data
   812 Grab Bar Technical Data
   817 Grab Bar Technical Data
   837 Grab Bar Technical Data
   852 Grab Bar Technical Data
   857 Grab Bar Technical Data
   8170 Grab Bar Technical Data
   8370-101 Grab Bar Technical Data
   8370-103 Technical Data
   How to Measure Grab Bars
   Grab Bar Applications
   Grab Bar Mounting Kits
   ADA Guide
  780 Mirror Tech Data

 9983 Technical Data

   6501Technical Data
   650 Technical Data
   6563_Technical Data
   6563_Valve_Installation Guide
   BradEx List
   9114-Technical Data
  Installation 9363 Technical Data
  Installation 9362 Technical Data
  Installation 5269 Technical Data
  Installation 2902-28-Technical Data

Installation  2902-28-Service Manual

  Installation  2902-28-Mounting Instructions
  Installation 2902-28-Operations Manual
  Installation 355-Technical Data
  Installation Waste Receptacle Liner Installation
  Installation 962-Technical Data
  Installation 962-Recessed Installation
  Installation 962-Surface Mounted Installation
   Bradley Parts List
  2A09-Technical Data
  2A09-Installation Instructions
  407-Installation Instructions
  407-Technical Data
  Brass Accents
   Brass Accents Catalog
  Babcock Davis
  BPT-S-Installation Instructions
   BPT-S-Technical Data
   LEED Information
  NT-Installation Instructions
  NT-Technical Data
   Babcock Davis Catalog
   Bobrick Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms
  Bobrick Accessible Restrooms Design Presentation (13 Pages)
  Bobrick Toilet Partitions Design Presentation (17 Pages)
   ABC Extinguishers Technical Data
   Buckeye Catalog
   Restroom Sign Product Brochure
  NEW California Cut Sheet
  CAEXT69 Cut Sheet
  CACCS69 Cut Sheet
  CAM1348 Cut Sheet
  CAMH69 Cut Sheet
  CARS1348 Cut Sheet
  CARSH69 Cut Sheet
  CAWE1348 Cut Sheet
  CAWH69 Cut Sheet
  Installation Instructions
   California Approved Signs
  Chief Technical Data
  CATO Catalog

Made in USA

  Warrior Technical Data
  Corby of Windsor
   Corby Catalog
  Crown Products

 PoopyDooTechnical Data 

   Crown Products Catalog  
   Falcon 4000 Clematis Spec Sheet
  Urinal Sell Sheet
  Falcon Urinals Catalog
  Cost Benefits
  Watersense Endorsement
  New Construction Installation
  Retrofit Installation
  Pre-Installation Checklist
  Pitch Slope Adjustment
  Cartridge Installation Subfreeze
  Cartridge Cleaning Instructions
  Liquid Trap Disposal
  Velocity Cleaning Cartridge Instructions
  F1000 Spec Sheet
  F2000 Spec Sheet
  F5000 Spec Sheet
  Foundations Children's Products
   Foundations Catalog
  5410339-Technical Data
  Baby Changing Station Brochure
  5410339-Installation Instructions
  Ultimate High Chair Technical Data
  Horizontal Baby Changing Station Stainless Steel Flange
   Serenity™ Brochure
  Functional Form - Foot Pulls
  Technical Data
  Sell Sheet
  Installation Instructions
  Made in USA
  Hy-DIT Product Brochure
  Installation Instructions
  Innovative Products Products
   GRiPPA Installation Instructions
   ADA Compliance
   Frequently Asked Questions
  Jerdon Style
   Jerdon Catalog
  JHD41B Technical Data
   JHD41W Technical Data
  JWM8C Technical Data
  JWM8CB Technical Data
  HL75N Technical Data
  HL8505NL Technical Data
  HL88NL Technical Data
  HL88CL Technical Data
  HL8808NL Technical Data
  HL8808CL Technical Data
  HL9515N Technical Data
  JGL10W Technical Data
  JS811W Technical Data
  HL8519NL Technical Data
  HL1015CL Technical Data
  HL1015NL Technical Data
  HL1016CL Technical Data
  HL1016NL Technical Data
  JP2027N Technical Data
  JP2020CF Technical Data
  JP7506BZ Technical Data
  JP7506CF Technical Data
  JP7808C Technical Data
  JP808N Technical Data
  JP7506N Technical Data
  JP910NB Technical Data
  MC449N Technical Data
  JP3030CF Technical Data
  JP2027N Technical Data
  JWM8C Technical Data
  JWM8CB Technical Data
  JHD418 Technical Data
  JHD418W Technical Data
  JWM6CF Technical Data
  JWM6CB Technical Data
  JHD71T Technical Data
  JHBD100 Technical Data
  CM430WD Technical Data
  CM410WD Technical Data
  J913W Technical Data
  CMT10B Technical Data
  CMT10W Technical Data
  JHD71B Technical Data
  JHD71W Technical Data
  WHS Technical Data
  WHC Technical Data
  HCS Technical Data
  HCC Technical Data
  HSRS Technical Data
  HSRC Technical Data
  HSKS Technical Data
  HSKC Technical Data
  RTS Technical Data
  RTC Technical Data
  JD84 Technical Data
  JD84 Installation Instructions
  J513 Technical Data
  HL8808CL Technical Data
  HL8808NL Technical Data
  JSC5 Technical Data
  JPFM9 Technical Data
  CM21B Technical Data
  JWM4CT Technical Data
  JGL9W Technical Data
  HL65BZ Technical Data
  HL65N Technical Data
  HL745NC Technical Data
  HL856BC Technical Data
  HL856MNC Technical Data
  HDC1 Technical Data
  JP358C Technical Data
  JP358N Technical Data
  JRT585C Technical Data
  JRT585N Technical Data
  JRT685C Technical Data
  JRT685N Technical Data
  JRT718CL Technical Data
  JRT718NL Technical Data
  JRT950 CL Technical Data
  JRT950 NL Technical Data
  JHT63 Proversa Technical Data
  Jofel USA
  030-01Submittal Sheet
   030-02Submittal Sheet

 040-36 Technical Data


 040-37 Technical Data

 AG42000 Technical Data
   AG43000 Technical Data
   Jofel Catalog
  JL Industries

 JL Catalog


Ambassador Submittal Sheet

  Non-Fire Rated Installation Instructions
   Maintenance Instructions
   Made In USA
   Door Styles
   Tub Finishes
   Cosmopolitan Submittal Sheet 
   Floor Door Submittal Sheet
   Floor Door Installation Instructions
   Floor Door Specifications
   Floor Door Warranty
   Replacement Parts
   Roof Hatch Submittal Sheet 
   Roof Hatch Installation Instructions
   Roof Hatch Specifications
   Roof Hatch Maintenance Instructions   
   Roof Hatch Comparison Chart  
   Roof Hatch Warranty
   Roof Hatch Color Finishes
   Double Wall Curb
   Safety Post LP-4
   Safety Post LP-5
   Crownline Fire Hose Cabinet Submittal Sheet 
  Fire Hose Installation Instructions
   AED 1400 Submittal Sheet 
   AED Cabinet Installation Instructions
   AED Cabinet Maintenance Instructions
   AED Cabinet Specifications
  AED Bronze Cabinet Options
   AED Cabinet Warranty 
   Samaritan PAD Submittal Sheet 
   Samaritan PAD Product Brochure
   Samaritan PAD Warranty
   Embassy Submittal Sheet  
  Embassy Knockout Placement
  Embassy Door Styles
  CS Series School Fire Cabinet
  JL ADA Guide for Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
   DSC-214MP Technical Data
   Karp Catalog
   DSC-214PL Technical Data
   KDW-Technical Data
   DSC-210-Technical Data
   DSB-123SD Technical Data
   KRP-450FR-Technical Data
   KRP250&KRP450FR-Installation Instructions 
   KRP-250-Technical Data
   KRP-350-Technical Data
   KRP150&KRP350FR-Installation Instructions 
   KRP150-Technical Data
  Kimberly Clark
   WYPALL X800-Product Brochure
   WYPALL News
   WYPALL-Case Studies
  Koala Kare Products
   Cinema Seating Brochure
   Parts List
   Limited Warranty
   Mesh Netting Installation Instructions
   Infant Seat Kradle Brochure
  KB200-SS-Technical Data
  ADA Compliance
  Koala Catalog
  KB200-SS-Sales Sheet
   Micoban Sheet
  KB200-SS-3 Part Specifications
  LEED Certification
   Why Koala?
   KB200-SS-Installation Instructions
  KB200-Installation Instructions
  KB100-ST and KB110-SSRE-Installation Instructions
  KB101 and KB111-SSWM Installation Instructions
  KB100-Installation Instructions
  KB199-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB472-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB876-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB875-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB873-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB268-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB285-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB889-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB311-Kit Installation Instructions
  End Cap - Installation Instructions
  KB-333-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB289-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB266-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB740-kit Installation Instructions
  KB884-Kit Installation Instructions
   Koala Parts List
  KB901-Kit Installation Instructions
  KB874-Kit-ST Installation Instructions
  KB-335 Installation Instructions
  KB480-SS-Kit Operator Manual
  KB480-SS-Kit Maintenance Manual
  KB653-KIT Installation Instructions
  KB466 Installation Instructions
  L and J Fire Company
  L & J Catalog
  MSDS Sheet
  Larsen's Manufacturing Company
   Buy American
   Larsen's Catalog
  Installation Manual
  Palmer Fixture
   Electra Brochure

 Electra T246 Instructions


 Electra T245 Instructions

   ExiTowel Product Guide
    Palmer Catalog
   Foam Dispensers Product Guide
   iStorm-Product Guide
   Metal Products Sell Sheet
  Made in USA
  Palmer Parts List
   Machflow-M09AC-UL-Technical Data
   Machflow-M09ACS-Technical Data
   Machflow-M09A-Technical Data
   Machflow-Product Manual
   Machflow-Product Brochure 
   Saniflow Catalog
   Speedflow-M06A-Data Sheet 
   Speedflow-M06AC-Data Sheet
   Speedflow-M06-ACS-Data Sheet 
   Speedflow-M06-AF-Data Sheet
   CSI Specs
  Installation Manual 
  Single Source
   Dial MSDS Sheet


  Strike First Corporation
   Fire-Rated Submittal Sheet
   Non-Rated Submittal Sheet
   Strike First Catalog

 Submittal Sheet

  Fire Extinguisher Accessories Submittal Sheet
   Zero-Product Brochure
   Airoma3000-MSDS Sheet
   MicroAiromaRefills- Brochure
   MicroAirmoa-MSDS Sheet
   AiromaRefills-Product Brochure
   Xtreme-Product Brochure
   MicroAiroma-Product Brochure
   Airoma3000-MSDS Sheet
   Airoma-Product Brochure
  V-Solids Product Brochure
  V-Solids Sell Sheet
  V-Solids MSDS Sheet
  V-Screen Product Brochure
  V-Screen Sell Sheet
  V-Screen MSDS Sheet
  Vision Metalizers
  Convex Mirrors Sell Sheet
  Convex Mirrors Installation Instructions
  World Dryer
   2011 World Dryer Catalog
   SLIMdri Brochure
   SLIMdri Technical Data
   SLIMdri Installation Instructions
   Nova 1 Technical Data





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